A great feature of the CG payment system is the wealth of information that it offers to make visible what is happening in the system.  The intent of this information is to empower us to monitor the health of the system and to make adjustments as necessary to help our local economy work even better in support of our community.

Anytime you are logged into your Common Good account you can navigate on your menu to “Community”, then “Common Good Graphs” to visit the “Community Statistics” page.  There you can select whether you want information about All Communities or one specific community (e.g. Goshen). You can also select 1 of 5 different graphs: Dollar Pool, Growth, Exchanges for Dollars, Transaction Volume and Circulation Velocity. 

In upcoming posts I will explain how each graph can help us understand how the Common Good Card system is working and what we can do to improve our community economy using the Common Good Card. However, if you want more information now, each graph has a “More info” link at the bottom of the page which will take you to an associated help page.

These screenshots were taken on April 29. To see the most recent data log into your account at commongood.earth.