This feature allows Maple City Market (MCM) members to transfer Common Good credit to their MCM account so they can use it when they check out in the store. If you have credit on your account when you check out, the sales clerk will ask you if you’d like to use your credit toward your purchase. (no need to present your Common Good Card)

  1. Sign into your CG account and click the Pay button at the top of the screen.
  2. Pay whom field: type in ‘Maple City Market’
  3. Amount field: amount you want to put into your MCM member account
  4. For field: Please include your email address and MCM member number (if you know it).
  5. Click Pay.
  6.  MCM will confirm your membership number and send you receipts by email when you make payments. Please contact gm@maplecitymarket with any questions. 

Insufficient funds
If you don’t have enough funds to make the purchase that you want, click the Bank button and type in the amount you want to transfer from your bank. Click the From Bank button to make the transfer. After that, you should immediately be able to make a payment even though it will take a few days for the bank transfer to complete.

Banking settings
You might also take this time to check your Banking settings (from the Settings menu). Turn on automatic refills if you wish.

It’s that simple. Once you get a confirmation email from the MCM that credit has been added to your account, you can use the credit when you make purchase at the co-op.