Thank you to those who voted in our first Common Good Democracy Event! Our first proposal was designed to test our democratic processes and support The Elkhart County Clubhouse — a great organization doing good work in our community.

Fourteen people voted directly in the poll, and the rest voted by proxy. All together we had 66 votes in favor of the proposal, and one vote opposed. The results of the vote are visible to all members on the Democracy Events page at

At our member potluck on Tuesday evening, we discussed the results of the poll as well as new information about how The Elkhart County Clubhouse would like to use the proposed 200 credits.

The original proposal specified that the 200 credits would go to employee bonuses as an incentive for them to take part of their paycheck in credits instead of dollars, with the understanding that those credits would be spent at other member businesses. On Tuesday, the Clubhouse indicated that they would like to keep 40 credits in a general fund to be used by their members, with the remaining 160 still going to employees as incentives. At the member potluck we were all in agreement that this idea made sense.

With this new idea in front of us and the results of the poll in hand, we used a sociocractic process to affirm the proposal. The Elkhart County Clubhouse will be gifted 200 credits from our Community Fund to use as employee bonuses and as a general account for members.

We are encouraged by this first direct experiment with economic democracy, but we recognize that many questions in regards to process and proposal forming remain. There may not be simple answers to these questions, but the ability to ask and explore them more deeply is a major benefit of the Common Good Card.

But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves without pausing to celebrate this accomplishment. Together as a community (through crumbs, roundups, and direct donations) we created a community fund of over 800 credits. We then voted together to use 200 of those credits to support a member non-profit in our community, and the 160 credits marked for employee incentives will translate into nearly 1,000 more credits in circulation, waiting to be spent at local businesses.

That is pretty darn cool. And it makes me ask, “what can we do next?”

FYI.  If you want to make a personal donation to The Elkhart County Clubhouse, you can do so through your online Common Good Account. Simply log onto your account and go to the pay tab.