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Our First Common Good Democracy Event

Thank you to those who voted in our first Common Good Democracy Event! Our first proposal was designed to test our democratic processes and support The Elkhart County Clubhouse -- a great organization doing good work in our community. Fourteen people voted directly in...

Intro to the Common Good Graphs

A great feature of the CG payment system is the wealth of information that it offers to make visible what is happening in the system.  The intent of this information is to empower us to monitor the health of the system and to make adjustments as necessary to help our local economy work even better in support of our community.  

[Video] Common Good Card Introduction

Community Members discuss the Common Good Card at an event hosted at Blank Space on November 14th.   The Common Good Card is a powerful tool that can be wielded in many different ways. One of the most important aspects of the card is that it promotes conversation...